Friday, October 24, 2014


Just a few months ago i saw the amazing fluffy sky (that is really very rare in this sunny island) while i was in a car and took a photo with my very 'trustworthy' phone but it still turn out pretty fine. ok fine, it turned out great. I wanted so much to share it with my Superhuman because he seems to be the only person who appreciate my obsession with the sky.

Threw in a quote i came across that i find it really meaningful and totally depict my feelings then. He was going through one of the rough patches of his life and i threw some tantrum because he didn't let me know what were going on and it kept me suspending.

But i am glad i sent across this. Sometimes i wish that i am always by his side to partake in whatever he's going through. But well, life...

The first thing i thought of every morning, 
the last thing that stays on my mind every night.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Too Many Firsts

Took the chance on Haji public holiday for a short road trip.
First trip to Malacca
First trip with the girlies wirlies after knowing each other for like a decade, this is more like a decade-friends-celebration-kind-of trip.
First trip gorging myself with too much food.
First trip sharing a bed with 2 others people.
And first trip to queue everywhere I go.
There bound to be a part of your life that you return to toddler state of eat, sleep, poo (maybe shop). Itinerary is (thanks to &) contributed by the 529,800 posts from the friendly people who inhibit the small sunny island on google.

Sigh, We people in this nation are such a foodie!

This just doesn't feel like a holiday.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Land of the Vice & Vanity
This trip was actually dated back in March. Omg... I didn't want to post up anymore but we shouldn't let the pictures go to waste right?! Right.

I enjoyed my trip to Bangkok despite the killer heat, I never tot i will ever enjoy Bangkok since the disastrous last trip. But this time round, there was a total of 7 pax travelling together, with 1 who speak and know Thai like nobody business. I would only say this trip is AWESOME.

I dun have to think, I dun have to plan & I dun even need to know where I am going. I just kept walking with the pro yo...

And its an eye opener to see all the amazing talented designers and taste all the holy awesome Thai food. You know sometimes you just have to travel with someone who knows every nook & corner of a city to really experience the fabulousity of a city! 

Biggest leg space everrrrr...

Love. Clouds.

Sharing the biggest leg room with me.

Thai version of Chili Crab which is H-E-A-V-E-N-L-Y yo...

I see true colours shining thru...

The best food I have is in Chutuchak, a humble roadside stall where its hygiene level I am sure NEA disapprove of.


Colours. Sometimes simple things light up your life.

When was the last time I saw this cock in public? 

Tom yam steamboat and the suckling pig to die forrrrr...
Took 7 taxis before 1 agreed to drive us here. All worth it! And what? The pig costs like S$30. 

Le bua...
Totally crazy windy place.

Hash tag Me Wind Siao Char bo

The guy who know it all! Mr. ex boss yo...
How can you not love him?

2nd year at Audi Fashion Festival 
Time passes. I barely grow (up) both mentally & physically and 1 year zoomed by. 

Some behind the scene pictures:

The magical transformation!

Systematic chaos

Models at different stage of readiness before the show

Insane model look chart.

Show brochure that glow in the dark but the effect wasn't brought out bcoz its not dark enough in the show venue.

Crazy amount of crowd at the VIP lounge...

Some of my favourite scenes during the show:

Street style... Hell yeah!

Neon cuff & choker... Oh mineeee...

Leather jacket to die for. Wait till you see the price yo.

Remind me of strolling in the eerie wet green forest like what you can see in Eclipse. Its either a Yay or Nay, no in-between. 

That peplum jacket to dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee for... 

Somehow I love the bird print.

I would love to have that androgynous blazer.

The essence of the show has to be PAULINE.NING.
It sent goosebump down on me the whole time...

I just love every piece, from the shoes to the accessories, the clothes to EVERYTHING.
I know you do too!